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1.Antibody-Functionalized Nanowires: A Tuner for the Activation of T Cells

2.Exceptional Deformability of Wurtzite Zinc Oxide Nanowires with Growth Axial Stacking Faults

3.Bioinspired Dynamic Camouflage from Colloidal Nanocrystals Embedded Electrochromics

4.Late Pleistocene microlithic industries in the Ayodhya hills, Purulia, West Bengal: Insights from geoarchaeological exploration

5.Microlithic occurrences associated with sediments dated to terminal Pleistocene-late Holocene in the central Narmada basin, Madhya Pradesh, India

6.Regioselective C–H Trifluoromethylation of Aromatic Compounds by Inclusion in Cyclodextrins

7.Developing a competency framework for managers to address suicide risk in the workplace

8.Characterising patterns of alcohol use among heavy drinkers: A cluster analysis utilising alcohol biosensor data

9.Retaining the learning professional: A survival study on workplace learning in professional service firms

10.68Ga‐DOTATOC‐PET/MRI and 11C‐5‐HTP‐PET/MRI are superior to 68Ga‐DOTATOC‐PET/CT for neuroendocrine tumor imaging

11.Indispensable role of the oxytocin receptor for allogrooming toward socially distressed cage mates in female mice

12.Sarcomas with Sclerotic Epithelioid Phenotype Harboring Novel EWSR1‐SSX1 Fusions

13.Reentrant Photoinduced Morphological Transformation and Temperature‐Dependent Kinetic Products of a Rectangular‐Shaped Amphiphilic Diarylethene Assembly

14.Charge Transfer Metal‐Organic Framework Containing the Red‐Ox Active TTF/NDI Units for Highly Efficient Near‐Infrared Photothermal Conversion

15.CeCoOx core / Nb2O5@TiO2 Double Shell Nanocage Catalyst Demonstrates High Activity and Water Resistance for Catalytic Combustion of O‐dichlorobenzene